Organisational Cultures – Beyond The Individual


Reviewing his own research, the management guru Fons Trompenaars once concluded:

“However objective and uniform we try to make organisations, they do not have the same meaning for individuals from different cultures…Likewise the meaning that people give to the organisation, their concept of its structu

Executive Coaching in the Gulf – A Cultural Snapshot


Executive coaching has swept through the business world in the last couple of decades as one of the most powerful and empowering leadership development tools. A 2011 CIPD report, for example, showed 77% of UK organisations use coaching in some form or another, with 84% of these reporting increased usage since the las

Cultural Intelligence 101


In the beginning…

Everywhere we turn, the talk is of globalisation, glocalisation, internationalisation…And yet we are bombarded with statistics of how many global work assignments (GWAs) fail, how many mergers fall through, how many virtual teams do not achieve their objectives. Trying to make sense and