what I do




“As more companies go global,

we need a better understanding of how to function

as leaders across cultural boundaries”

Ken Blanchard

Intercultural success is more than just knowing the do’s and don’ts. It’s self-awareness. It’s curiosity. It’s the motivation to learn and adapt and strategise. It’s recognising how our individual and organisational cultures impact the dilemmas we face working in our teams, in our departments, in our companies, in our regions, in our market sectors. It’s respecting and reconciling these differences to get the best out of everyone to meet and build the future…

Cultural Profiling

Underpinning a lot of my work with organisations and individuals is the Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP). Supported by the largest crosscultural database in the world, this tool has been used by over 80,000 global managers to assess their personal orientations and choices when resolving business issues. This can be employed to build a full corporate profile as well as with team workshops and coaching. Taking this a step further, the Culture Compass OnLine (CCOL) is an interactive, country-specific, blended learning application for international managers, business travellers, expatriates and others who regularly deal with different cultures. I am a licensed provider in both tools.

Executive Coaching

When was the last time someone truly challenged and stretched you to unlock your own potential? I believe we all have our solutions within us – as a coach I help executives find fresh insights. My approach is performance-focussed and goal-centred to help you continue growing through your own resources. My work might be grounded in the intercultural field, but the issues I am asked to explore apply to all leaders – delegating, team building, decision making, self-confidence, difficult conversations, congruence, networking, goal setting, etc. Coaching is the single most effective development tool I’ve come across in all my years of HR talent development.

Leadership Development

I work with organisations to help develop and support talent pipeline initiatives. To identify your future leaders and support their development. To identify the competences your high potential talents need for leadership in your organisation. To build your talent and business sustainability. To leverage your cultural diversity.

Talent Consultancy

I work with organisations to help with talent management processes and strategies – be it identifying your learning needs, creating and implementing nationalisation programmes, developing structures to take learning out of the classroom, devising competence frameworks, building succession planning, harnessing cultural strengths, etc.